Awareness Color Codes – An Essential Self-Defense System

An important self-defense talent is consciousness. Use the identical Coloration Codes of consciousness that the majority navy and police organizations do to extend your consciousness continually.

Consciousness, based on specialists, makes up 90% of self-defense, the remaining 10% being bodily methods. With consciousness, you’ll be able to determine and keep away from probably harmful conditions. With out it, you turn into a simple goal for a legal.

Colonel Jeff Cooper, a fight pistol teacher, developed the Coloration Code system, utilized by most navy and police organizations, to distinguish completely different ranges of consciousness.

These shade codes assist acknowledge, consider, and keep away from potential threats. They’re used to measure rising risk and make most conditions avoidable. The next are the colours in ascending order of consciousness of hazard: white, yellow, orange, and crimson.

Code White

  • You might be safe.
  • Consciousness is switched off.
  • You might be unaware of your setting, its inhabitants, and their rituals of assault.
  • All attackers look for victims on this state.

Code Yellow

  • You might be cautious.
  • Consciousness is switched on.
  • State of risk consciousness and relaxed alertness.
  • You’ve got a 360-degree peripheral consciousness of such environmental hazard spots as secluded doorways, entries, and alleys, in addition to such psychological triggers as adrenal dump and attacker ruses. Concentrate on individuals, autos, behind massive objects, darkish areas, and so forth.

Code Orange

  • You might be in hazard.
  • State of risk analysis.
  • Particular alert. A potential goal has been recognized. A selected scenario that has drawn your consideration and will current a significant downside. Somebody could also be giving oral indicators corresponding to direct threats or utilizing suspicious language. Deal with the potential attacker.
  • Verify to see if there’s an avenue of escape, potential weapons out there, and if others round you’re good friend or foe.
  • Determination is made to take motion.

Code Crimson

  • You might be in battle.
  • State of risk avoidance.
  • Combat or flight. Flee, defend, or assault. You’ve got evaluated the scenario, and if there’s a risk, you put together to battle or run.
  • By no means stand or battle if there’s a risk of fleeing.
  • Perform resolution to behave made in Code Orange.
  • If use of bodily self-defense methods is critical, use the extent of power acceptable to the risk. E.g., do not deal with somebody who pushes you as a result of he’s impolite like somebody who’s making an attempt to stab you with a knife.

Tips on how to Use the Coloration Codes of Consciousness


The colour codes of consciousness are a continuum of your consciousness and readiness to defend. The target is to continually circulation from one color hex map to the following above or under, relying on the scenario.

By no means be in white. Spend most your time in yellow, even in locations the place you are feeling protected, corresponding to at house.

Continuously bear in mind and alert, and shift from yellow and orange typically as you discover potential threats and risks. When in orange, discover what you are able to do to flee, defend, or assault if it turn into essential, and make the choice to take a particular motion if the scenario escalates to crimson.

When in orange, discover what you are able to do to flee, defend, or assault if it turns into essential, and make the choice to take a selected motion if the scenario escalates to crimson.

The Coloration Codes in Observe

Here is an instance of how the Coloration Codes of consciousness might be used. A 100-pound girl is strolling to her automobile, carrying grocery baggage. Being conscious and alert in Code Yellow, she sees two suspicious males close to her automobile.

She switches from Yellow to Orange. She decides on her self-defense choices. They stroll towards her and attain for her. She switches to Crimson, and executes her selections: she throws the luggage at them and runs again into the shop.


Beginning proper now, be in Code Yellow. All through your day, determine potential areas of hazard and swap to Code Orange as essential. Swap again to Code Yellow if no risk exists. Do that train once more tomorrow. And the following day. And so forth. Finally, consciousness turns into a behavior. Make a very powerful self-defense talent, consciousness, a behavior.

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