Beginners Guide – Introduction to Drawing Pencils

If you find yourself simply beginning out in artwork, the quantity of decisions in supplies may be daunting. That is very true in the case of selecting drawing pencils.

Issues with Low cost Drawing Pencils

For some it might appear foolish to fret about what sort of drawing pencils to make use of however there are very actual explanation why it is very important select the correct instruments for the job. Take for example the traditional #2 yellow pencil with the pink eraser that I’m certain everybody may be very accustomed to. These pencils are typically not of a excessive sufficient high quality the place you’d need to use them for creating art work. The explanation for this stems from the poor high quality of lead used contained in the pencil. This lead tends to interrupt extra simply and is often combined with an inferior binder to that of artist grade pencils.

The identical holds true for coloured pencils. Very low-cost manufacturers usually are made out of worse materials than their artist grade counterparts and the outcomes may be much more noticeable than in graphite pencils. As a result of coloured pencils are partly wax, your creations are inclined to develop a light-weight white movie as your image ages. This may be much more pronounced in low-cost coloured pencils as a result of the combo of wax to pigment is way greater than it’s in artist grade coloured pencils.

Kinds of lead

With graphite pencils it is very important perceive all of the various kinds of pencils there are on the market. Within the US, there are two scales which might be used to convey a pencils hardness and darkness, or blackness.

The primary scale is rarer and principally used for decrease grade pencils and also you nearly at all times see only one sort of pencil. That system is a quantity system that goes from one to 4 with one being the darkest and softest and 4 being the lightest and hardest. The quantity #2 pencil that’s utilized in faculties all around the nation is on this scale, it’s more durable than a one and darker than a 3 or 4 pencil.

The second scale and the one used for all artist grade pencils is an HB, Exhausting-Black scale. Usually this scale goes from H9, very laborious and really mild, to B9, very black and really comfortable. On this scale the #2 pencil could be an HB. The way in which that this variation in worth and hardness is achieved is thru the combo of clay and graphite used to create the lead. The extra clay, the more durable and lighter a plantable pencil turns into. The extra graphite, the softer and blacker the lead turns into. As an artist this vary of values may be very helpful in permitting you categorical the subtlest of particulars or actually pushing a way of darkness.

With coloured pencils there is not a scale. Due to this you needn’t fear about totally different values as a substitute you’ll have to deal with mixing colours. The idea behind shade mixing is past the scope of this text however there are a lot of great books written on the subject if one needs to analyze additional.


In offering this overview, hopefully some mild has been shed on what you must look out for in selecting drawing pencils. Additionally now that you simply perceive how totally different pencils are labeled, it is possible for you to to know the distinction between a #2, an H3, and a B8 drawing pencil. Now all that’s left so that you can do is to dive in and begin creating!

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